Keep your message
clear and specific

You only have 3 to 5 seconds to attract a prospect's attention.

The less text the better. One large image supported by a clever headline or positioning statement works best. If you do not have a central image, there are many websites which sell stock images at affordable prices. This will save you the cost of hiring a photographer.

If you do not have a central image, bullet points are the next best thing.

The display's function is to catch their eye, tell them what you do, and who you are. Details about your product/service should be included in brochures/handouts. Prospects will not stand in front of a display and read paragraphs of copy. The headline should reflect the heart of your offering. Your image should tie into your headline to reinforce each other. f your target market can be addressed directly use their name, such as Sales Managers, Accountants, etc., use big bold letters to attract their attention.

Get them to look

People attend trade shows to see new products. If you are introducing new items, emphasize NEW in your graphics. And, of course the most powerful advertising word, “FREE” . If you have a free offering, promote it.

Take advantage of bright colors

With today’s graphic production techniques color is available, affordable and most of all - eye catching. Now you can have unlimited colors in your graphics. You’re at a show to attract attention, bright colors and rich graphics will get you the attention you want.

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